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Hey! I'm a big fan of Elasticsearch and love how well it fits into the apps I make.

If I were starting over with it, I would...

1. Get familiar with the use cases

Here's a post/video I made on the subject:

IMHO, Elasticsearch has 4 major use cases:

  • Full Text Search
  • Aggregations
  • Near Real Time Monitoring
  • Monitoring / Alerting

2. Setup a local development environment

I made a little post about that too. This post will guide you through setting things up in docker, and importing some sample data from dev.to:

3. Make a little web app

Once you have things running locally, you can make a little app with a search box that will display the results. Here is a basic query that will search all text fields in all indexes:

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "simple_query_string": {
      "query": "Your Search Here"

4. Make it better

Now that you've got a little web app set up, you can start having fun! Add search auto-complete, paging, charts, faceted navigation, make some dashboards in Kibana etc.


Thanks a ton @joe for sharing these resources. If you have any more reaources or roadmap then please share with me. I really eager to learn this.


Will do, it just so happens that I'm trying to deeply learn Elastic right now and so I'm writing a lot about it over at analytics.codingblocks.net

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