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Dev Podcasts Nov 25 - Dec 2

Exciting news (for me anyway), these podcasts were auto-tagged this week. That means less work for me, although the results are far from perfect.

I'm not proud of the code I wrote to get there, very much "protoduction" style.

To get the list of tags, I...

  1. started with the tags from StackOverflow, 5000+
  2. joined the synonyms (probably incorrectly) in an attempt to get rid of tags that were too specific, 2700+
  3. Ran all 2700+ terms through qit and threw away any that had less than 3 results - 800+
  4. Manually read through the list and removed ambiguous or uninteresting terms (like "product" or "text") and added them to a blacklist file - 259 tags
  5. Added a few terms that were missing - 262 tags!

It's still more than I want, but there's room for a lot of polish and it's easy to add synonyms once I refactor this into a better spot.

The code is all up on github, though it's poorly factored at the moment. (remember, "protoduction")

Next week I'm hoping to focus on clean-up, iterating on the tags, and finally getting back to qit.

n-e-wayz, here's the list for this week:

Dev Podcasts: 2018-11-25 to 2018-12-02
50 episodes (auto-tagged, yay!)

Episode Name Podcast Show Tags Date
Data Structures - Arrays and Array-ish Coding Blocks c#, c++ 12/2/2018
All of the 2018 AWS reInvent Announcements The Cloudcast aws 12/1/2018
BxJS Weekly Ep. 39 - Dec 1, 2018 (javascript news podcast) BxJS Weekly r 12/1/2018
Async for the Pythonic web with Sanic Talk Python To Me processing 12/1/2018
How $3.8M in seed funding started Gatsby as an open source company (Founders Talk #59) Changelog open-source, gatsby 11/30/2018
trust.js but verify (JS Party #54) Changelog events 11/30/2018
Community Outreach The Web Platform 11/30/2018
Anchor: Podcast Platform with Nir Zicherman Software Engineering Daily 11/30/2018
Practicing Non-Attachment as a Developer Developer Tea 11/30/2018
Brandon takes a victory lap & Australia m*******s! Software Defined Talk components, elixir 11/30/2018
We CAN Just Use a Form! The Bike Shed elixir 11/30/2018
TDD, BDD, Low Latency and CppCon with Lenny Maiorani CppCast computer-science 11/29/2018
ASP.NET Core in Action with Andrew Lock Hanselminutes 11/29/2018
Android Dev Summit Android Developers Backstage 11/29/2018
Cloud Costs with Ran Rothschild Software Engineering Daily cloud 11/29/2018
Morality of Software Development with Bill Buxton .NET Rocks! .net 11/28/2018
Revolutionizing Big Data Apps The Cloudcast sql 11/28/2018
VistA and RPMS FLOSS Weekly (MP3) 11/28/2018
A good open source password manager? Inconceivable! (The Changelog #325) Changelog security, react-native, encryption 11/28/2018
Daniel Corbett on Load Balancing and HAProxy Software Engineering Radio security 11/28/2018
Holiday Gift Guide typescript 11/28/2018
Well... It's Free Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Design Details design-patterns 11/28/2018
Mark Bates Ruby Rogues ruby-on-rails, java 11/28/2018
MAS 062: Travis Tidwell Adventures in Angular components, rally 11/28/2018
Good Ol' Days Application Security Weekly security, wordpress 11/28/2018
Slack Messaging Architecture with Keith Adams Software Engineering Daily architecture 11/28/2018
A Discussion On Falsehoods Developers Believe Developer Tea 11/28/2018
"Sets, sets, everywhere" Base.cs Podcast 11/28/2018
Dependency Injection with Koin Talking Kotlin frameworks 11/27/2018
Ep. #34, Using MongoDB with Stitch and Atlas JAMStack Radio mongodb 11/27/2018
BERT: one NLP model to rule them all (Practical AI #22) Changelog processing 11/27/2018
#201: Software We Pay For CodePen 11/27/2018
November 27, 2018 The Official Vue News jquery, api 11/27/2018
333: Space Gray Handcuffs Coder Radio 11/27/2018
How to Keep Going When Transitioning into Tech Gets Hard Learn to Code With Me 11/27/2018
Creating a Heroku-Like Deployment Solution with Docker with Pedro Cavalheiro Ruby Rogues deployment, docker 11/27/2018
Mastermind Groups for Startups, Consulting & Career Growth with Sean Merron Adventures in Angular events 11/27/2018
Signal R with Brady Gaster LIVE at Microsoft Ignite Views on Vue events, java 11/27/2018
Testing in JavaScript with Gil Tayar JavaScript Jabber elixir 11/27/2018
Facet Wealth Engineering with Gorkem Sevinc Software Engineering Daily 11/27/2018
More Akka.NET with Aaron Stannard .NET Rocks! .net 11/26/2018
Jamstack, 3D on the Web, Migrating Your Site, and MarkoJS ShopTalk components 11/26/2018
Announcing Chartable Radio Hacker Daily 11/26/2018
Charities and Being Charitable The 6 Figure Developer Podcast 11/26/2018
Hasty Treat - Should you install a dependency or roll your own? performance, function 11/26/2018
Parity: Blockchain Infrastructure with Gavin Wood Software Engineering Daily 11/26/2018
Three Overconfidence Smells Developer Tea 11/26/2018
Making Time for Stuff! The Cynical Developer 11/26/2018
125: Getting Fancy With Bluetooth Low Energy Merge Conflict components 11/26/2018
Senior Engineer - Master Brewer Fragmented 11/25/2018

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