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Dev Podcasts: 2018-10-28 to 2018-11-04

I wanted to learn more about the "M" in JAMstack so I started a little Gatsby site that utilizes the search engine behind (a dev podcast discovery service/player) to generate a list of dev podcasts that are released every week.

The site is pretty rough right now, and the code behind it is even rougher. The good news is that I'm learning a lot about Gatsby, and after I figure out what the heck I'm doing, I plan on folding the good bits into qit.

I'm really surprised to see that ~50 dev podcast episodes are released per week, and it's been cool for me to get a bird's eye view so I can get a feel for what the general trends are. More news on that front later

In the meantime, all of these projects are open-source so throw a star or a PR if you're interested. Also, please let me know what you think of this post. Would you want me to post this periodically on, or would it be obnoxious?

PS: Just noticed there was an episode released on Gatsby a few days ago, guess I'll be adding that to my queue!

Dev Podcasts: 2018-10-28 to 2018-11-04

Episode Name Podcast Show Date
Developer Shopping Spree Coding Blocks 11/4/2018
Nov 3, 2018 (javascript news podcast) BxJS Weekly 11/3/2018
What up, docs? ๐Ÿฅ• (JS Party #50) Changelog 11/2/2018
Scaling Lyft with Matt Klein Software Engineering Daily 11/2/2018
3 Counterintuitive Rules of Communication with Co-workers Developer Tea 11/2/2018
The Machines Will Learn The Bike Shed 11/2/2018
C++ Bestiary with Adi Shavit CppCast 11/1/2018
Designing for a Global Audience with Digital Nomad Jenny Shen Hanselminutes 11/1/2018
Wonolo: Staffing Marketplace with Jeremy Burton Software Engineering Daily 11/1/2018
โ€œI have no idea, but Iโ€™ll go on,โ€ or IBM buying Red Hat Software Defined Talk 11/1/2018
What We Know (now) About Serverless The Cloudcast 11/1/2018
Azure Durable Functions with Maxime Rouiller .NET Rocks! 11/1/2018
Prefetch and Paging Android Developers Backstage 10/31/2018
Tidelift FLOSS Weekly (MP3) 10/31/2018
Drupal is a pretty big deal (The Changelog #321) Changelog 10/31/2018
Pat Helland on Web Scale Software Engineering Radio 10/31/2018
Gatsby The Web Platform 10/31/2018
AIs that look human and create portraits of humans (Practical AI #18) Changelog 10/31/2018
WatermelonDB with Radek Pietruszewski React Native Radio 10/31/2018
Pre-launch Checklist 10/31/2018
Principles of Design Design Details 10/31/2018
MAS 058: Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen Adventures in Angular 10/31/2018
Daniel P. Clark Ruby Rogues 10/31/2018
Diffbot: Knowledge Graph API with Mike Tung Software Engineering Daily 10/31/2018
3 Considerations of Symmetry in Code Developer Tea 10/31/2018
Eggplant Volcanoes Application Security Weekly 10/31/2018
"Gotta hash 'em all" Base.cs Podcast 10/31/2018
What's New in React Toolsday 10/30/2018
Apple's Fall 2018 Mac/iPad event (Spotlight #15) Changelog 10/30/2018
Ep. #33, The Knative Project with IBM Cloud Platformโ€™s Jason McGee JAMStack Radio 10/30/2018
Product Bias Sprint UX 10/30/2018
331: Blue Is The New Red Coder Radio 10/30/2018
#197: Halloween Special CodePen 10/30/2018
October 30, 2018 The Official Vue News 10/30/2018
Service Fabric & Mesh with Mark Fussell MS Dev Show 10/30/2018
How to Stay Motivated as You Learn to Code Learn to Code With Me 10/30/2018
Web Console Internals with Genadi Samokovarov Ruby Rogues 10/30/2018
Signal R with Brady Gaster LIVE at Microsoft Ignite Adventures in Angular 10/30/2018
Microstates.js โ€“ Composable State Primitives for JavaScript with Charles Lowell & Taras Mankovski JavaScript Jabber 10/30/2018
Real-time Application State Synchronization with Peter Mbanugo Views on Vue 10/30/2018
Drift: Sales Bot Engineering with David Cancel Software Engineering Daily 10/30/2018
Learning React - Part 2 (Three lessons from the perpetual path) Developer Tea 10/30/2018
IoT and .NET with Bryan Costanich .NET Rocks! 10/30/2018
How to Think Like a Front-End Developer with Sameera Kapila ShopTalk 10/29/2018
Technical Sales with Dan Murphy The 6 Figure Developer Podcast 10/29/2018
Hasty Treat - Old Browsers, Fallbacks and Polyfills - Part 3 10/29/2018
Building a Hiring Process with Ammon Bartram Software Engineering Daily 10/29/2018
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - Part 1 The Cynical Developer 10/29/2018
Learning React - Part 1 (More than just tooling) Developer Tea 10/29/2018
121: Real Time Communication Merge Conflict 10/29/2018
005 โ€“ Danielle Feinberg: Pixarโ€™s Academy Award-winning computer scientist Behind the Tech with Kevin Smith 10/29/2018
Desktop and Meta-programming with Amanda Hinchman Talking Kotlin 10/29/2018
Internships - Intern-sips Fragmented 10/28/2018
Gig Economy Software Engineering Daily 10/28/2018

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askeroff profile image
Javid Asgarov

Yep, post more. I'm getting into this graphql thing myself.

I looked over your code, and here is a dumb (maybe) question, can you tell where this queries are defined? I'm looking at your code and you're making allPodcastShow query, but where have you defined this query?

I see in your gatsby-config you have allShowsUrl defined, but I don't see queries themselves, the resolvers.

thejoezack_94 profile image
Joe Zack

I created a plugin fetches all of the shows from the search engine, then fetches the top 100 episodes for each show as well as the data from the RSS feed. After the data is gathered for a show, it calls the Gatsby built-in function "createNode" to set things up for GraphQL.

(Warning: ugly code ahead)

All of the data fetching and transformation happens here:

dance2die profile image
Sung M. Kim

please let me know what you think of this post.

This post is great in a way that the post also introduces a concept (JAMStack) and a technology (gatsby) for those who might not be aware of it.

Would you want me to post this periodically on, or would it be obnoxious?

I'd love to see more of these "progressive" posts as a public commitment (as you do #100daysOfcode) and you can see how much you've improved.

stevenbruno profile image
Steven Bruno

Personally, I would love to see this posted periodically, although I also don't mind just checking the site every week or so.

thejoezack profile image
Joe Zack

Hopefully I'll get it integrated with qit soon so you can easy see the latest episodes by default. (right now it's just a blank queue the first time you go there)

It's a PWA too, so hopefully convoenient to use like an app if you like.

tux0r profile image

I, personally, find podcasts annoying. Listening to people talking about stuff, waiting for the one minute that is interesting enough, with no possibility to highlight the relevant part... they should write more and talk less.

bhupesh profile image
Bhupesh Varshney ๐Ÿ‘พ

hey anyone a very stupid question:
Which app/service do you use to listen to these podcasts ?

thejoezack profile image
Joe Zack

I listen almost exclusively on my phone. I'm on Android, so I use Pocketcasts. I used Overcast back when I had an iPhone. However, both Android and iPhone have built in ways to subscribe.

Here's a nice list:

Pretty much any of the apps shown there allow you to search for and subscribe to shows in them.