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Dev Podcasts Dec 3 - Dec 10

Not many programming changes again this week, thanks to Advent of Code eating my spare time (and then some.)

I did tweak the tags a bit, and I can see a few tags I'm not happy about (I'm haven't listened to this week's yet, but I it was about R.)

I think I'm going to start scaling these posts back to once a month so the updates will be more signifigant, though you can always see the episodes broken down by week if you just have to know.

So, without further ado...

Dev Podcasts: 2018-12-02 to 2018-12-10
67 episodes (auto-tagged, yay!)

Episode Name Podcast Show Tags Date
Quantum Computing & Q# with Bettina Heim MS Dev Show function 12/10/2018
BaaS, Agile Methodologies, Human Readable URLs, and More! ShopTalk components, agile, e-commerce 12/10/2018
iRel8 with Dion Gonzales & Jeff Dorchester The 6 Figure Developer Podcast processing 12/10/2018
Hasty Treat - Costs of Running a Business r, paypal 12/10/2018
So you have an AI model, now what? (Practical AI #24) Changelog ai 12/10/2018
Serverless Research with Ion Stoica Software Engineering Daily apache 12/10/2018
Proof of Complexity and Seeking Simplicity Developer Tea 12/10/2018
What is Kafka? The Cynical Developer kafka 12/10/2018
127: Connect(); 2018 Recap - .NET Core 3, VS 2019, Xamarin.Forms 4, and More! Merge Conflict c++, events, frameworks, c# 12/10/2018
Use the Right Object Lifetime Weekly Dev Tips entity-framework 12/10/2018
Web Performance - Chugging our drinks down fast Fragmented user-experience, performance 12/10/2018
Developer Productivity Tools Front End Happy Hour 12/10/2018
334: Time Crisis Coder Radio open-source 12/9/2018
BxJS Weekly Ep. 40 - Dec 8, 2018 (javascript news podcast) BxJS Weekly c++, javascript, c# 12/8/2018
Istio is only a check box away Software Defined Talk chef, aws, kubernetes 12/7/2018
The future of the web is npm, but maybe not JavaScript (JS Party #55) Changelog javascript, frameworks, npm 12/7/2018
Technical Investing with Sunil Dhaliwal Software Engineering Daily 12/7/2018
The Zen Developer - What Are You Pushing On? Developer Tea 12/7/2018
War Stories of the Developer Evangelists Talk Python To Me python 12/7/2018
A Citizen of the Internet (John Resig) The Bike Shed jquery 12/7/2018
Performance Analysis and Optimization with Denis Bakhvalov CppCast c++, c#, assembly, optimization 12/6/2018
Real Software Engineering with Glenn Vanderburg Hanselminutes 12/6/2018
Serverless Management and Knative The Cloudcast kubernetes 12/6/2018
RapidAPI: API Marketplace with Iddo Gino Software Engineering Daily api, aws, rapidapi 12/6/2018
The Source Control of Windows with Ed Thomson and Jill Campbell .NET Rocks! visual-studio, azure 12/5/2018
Jeremy Fuksa is a unicorn (Away from Keyboard #9) Changelog 12/5/2018
The insider perspective on the event-stream compromise (The Changelog #326) Changelog events, stream, npm 12/5/2018
OpenVPN FLOSS Weekly (MP3) 12/5/2018
Riccardo Terrell on Concurrency Software Engineering Radio .net 12/5/2018
Chrome Dev Summit Recap The Web Platform progressive-web-apps, assembly 12/5/2018
Steve Schoger - Design Q&A + Refactoring UI Details Full Stack Radio refactoring 12/5/2018
The State of JavaScript 2018 javascript, frameworks 12/5/2018
Now, That's One Smart Home! Design Details 12/5/2018
Olivier Lacan Ruby Rogues frameworks, elixir 12/5/2018
MAS 063: Ryan Chenkie Adventures in Angular jquery, graph 12/5/2018
Bitcoin Payment Channels with Alex Bosworth Software Engineering Daily record 12/5/2018
Bad Bugs - Avoiding Burnout When Solving Elusive Problems Developer Tea 12/5/2018
Stuck In My Teeth Application Security Weekly security, ai 12/5/2018
"It's sorting time!" Base.cs Podcast algorithm 12/5/2018
VisBug with Adam Argyle Toolsday visbug 12/4/2018
Exploring Information Security with Alon Diamant-Cohen Junior Developer Toolbox security 12/4/2018
#202: Remote Days Off CodePen 12/4/2018
Customer Bug Handling Programming Throwdown 12/4/2018
Why Tech Careers Are Great for Introverts and Extroverts Learn to Code With Me 12/4/2018
Frontend Testing Like a Rubyist with Josh Justice Ruby Rogues aws, refactoring, function, ruby-on-rails 12/4/2018
Developer Freedom with Charles Max Wood Adventures in Angular 12/4/2018
Aurelia in Action with Sean Hunter JavaScript Jabber jquery, kendo-ui, frameworks 12/4/2018
Fonts with Miriam Suzanne Views on Vue reference, kendo-ui, aws, frameworks 12/4/2018
Streaming Platform Architecture with Luca Mezzalira and Yan Cui Software Engineering Daily architecture 12/4/2018
Dependency Injection with Steven van Deursen .NET Rocks! .net, .net-core, dependency-injection 12/3/2018
December 4, 2018 The Official Vue News components, vue.js, authentication 12/3/2018
Starting Over and Combating Design Q&A ShopTalk wordpress, css 12/3/2018
Angular Performance Anti-Patterns With Bonnie Brennan Angular Air performance 12/3/2018
Introducing Angular for the Visual Learner With Samantha Rhodes Angular Air 12/3/2018
The ngVikings Crew Angular Air 12/3/2018
Live from AngularConnect 2018 Angular Air 12/3/2018
Angular 7 Angular Air 12/3/2018
Policy-Based Client-Side Encryption in Angular with Robert Pinna Angular Air encryption 12/3/2018
Pachyderm's Kubernetes-based infrastructure for AI (Practical AI #23) Changelog kubernetes, ai 12/3/2018
Real world testing thoughts Front End Happy Hour testing, tdd 12/3/2018
Consulting and Training with Reuven Lerner The 6 Figure Developer Podcast python 12/3/2018
Hasty Treat - Uses for CSS Variables css, themes 12/3/2018
Result Swift Unwrapped swift 12/3/2018
On-Prem Cloud with Bob Fraser Software Engineering Daily cloud 12/3/2018
Practical Tips for Minding the Details Developer Tea 12/3/2018
126: Collaborative Coding Magic Merge Conflict components, visual-studio, 12/3/2018

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