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I once landed a job in a company I knew quite well (many textbooks for the North American market was produced by this company). I took the job not because I liked the idea of working there, but that it was much closer to home than I job I genuinely liked.

Over the course of my 2 years there, I worked on a large project that had a ton of potential, but was not actively sold by the sales people because they thought they wouldn't get their commission for selling it. Also tried doing a responsive design (back when it was relatively new concept) but was panned as not having a strong brand - even though it was based on the original designs.

I was able to work on some pretty cool projects for the time I was there.

Then new projects I was to work on started getting cancelled. It was too little too late on the digital front, and competitors were ahead of the game. I was there for almost 3 months, doing basically nothing, before they laid me off (and about 30 others from my department). I probably would have stayed there had I not been laid off... only because it was a 10 minute drive from home.

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