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Discussion on: I went to my first interview! It was terrifying.

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Tiago Romero Garcia • Edited on

Nice job, @sduduzog ! Everybody in the industry today has been through this, so it's just part of our journey, and you seem to have done well! And I agree so much with @codemouse92 's comment here that you gotta be as authentic as you can and that matters a lot.

If you're still interviewing, I gotta tell you that the best thing you can do is to practice, there are sites as and that you can practice for free with other people and even interviewers and this definitely helped me a bunch! And also doing real interviews too as practice, for instance, starting applying for companies in reverse order of interest, so if you think you didn't do so well on your first interviews, these will help you get ready for your next ones.

I just have been through a whole lot of interviewing on the last couple months, with 11 companies, where I got 8 rejections but landed with 3 proposals :)

So just keep going, and you'll get there, I'm sure you will. Good luck!!

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Beautus S Gumede Author

Thanks for these links, I didn't think they even existed at all. I'll even sure these with friends.

I remember when I started, I would apply for maybe 5 or more job posts a day, in consecutive days. I also noticed something that's a little bit demotivating. Recruitment agents would post more than 3 different jobs but use one email and have no reference for it. So is imagine that one person on some computer just sees a flood of my emails but not entirely know what I was applying for exactly.

I also feel bad at some point that my first interview is with such a great company that has a very nice environment. It would be a bummer of I were to not get the job there 😌

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Tiago Romero Garcia

Nice progress! And don't feel bad, you might get it after all! Out of these 11 companies I tried, actually I got offers from the 2 first ones!