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Parth Krishna

Hello World!

My name is Parth Krishna. Currently, I am learning how to google code solutions, and bug fixes(mostly segmentation faults), and get answers from stackoverflow[I am a second year CS student] :P

I came across this website as an advert on facebook, and I liked it. It's a really good project. I find it really useful because it's linked to your github account, so I can stalk people and their repositories both, side by side XD

My college course includes, data structures in C[I freaking hate those sigsegv errors], using python libraries to visualize datasets(Data Science), and some other. I'm trying to script many things using bash currenly[check my repositories], also, I'm learning Django on the sides[ wait until I create a website better than this @thepracticaldev ]

My advice to the current and future self - Stop procrastinating alreadys. You have so many things to do but your attitude is making you refrain. You have the potential. If someone can do it, YOU can do it too.

P.S. ask her out already man :3

Thanks for reading this.
Love from India.
Parth Krishna

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CarlyFrancis kamau

Hello,am also interested in tech issues. I study computer science online

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Good for you Carly. Never give up

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Hey Parth!

Great advice -- procrastination is a dream killer!

Good luck in building your skill set--seems like you're on the path to success.

In hiring for technical roles I see all sorts of motivated, hard workers come across my desk and I'm in awe of how much focus they have. Focus is key, and it kills procrastination. Good luck with everything!

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Parth Krishna

Thanks a lot for all the wishes!
Please keep me guiding in the future also =D

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Alex Parker

Hello! I'm procrastinating something by writing this. Perhaps i should keep this short and get back to it :)