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Consider your application a human.
Depends how much info do you want to get from it.
6 months baby -> App with no logs and no error handling either works or doesn't, baby is ok or crying.
1.5 years -> app with small error handling and 1-5 word logged like error save or error buy, baby has a vocabulary of 50 words
2.5 years - app has some error handling and logs that express an action like could not save order, baby can make simple sentences like i fell down
5 years - app logs that express intention with some context and can provide info about what's wrong with it, for baby while eating some candy i got sick and my stomach hurts
18 years - app handles errors correctly and logs with full relevant context and can provide info for most of the problems, human drank allot of beer now is drunk and he knows he needs to sleep it off or eat something

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