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Definitely a Disney themed one. It could be held at Disney World or Disneyland. Content would be actually Disney software engineers speaking about a variety of tech topics. Their talks could show the audience how they use specific languages and frameworks to create some of their past projects they've done. Plus there would be an appearance from Mickey and Minnie at the beginning of the conference.


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A conference at Disney really would be a dream come true.

The tech magic that happens there is fascinating. I'd want to know what it's like to be an engineer or developer at Disney.


Agreed! Plus it would be interesting to see how Disney uses different languages and frameworks to create Disney magic. It would be so inspiring to see how something like JavaScript methods were able to create something magical on the movie screen or on a Disney website. It would definitely inspire developers with the possibilities code can bring and how the fundamentals play a role in what Disney is able to create.

There's the non-programming side of tech too! AI, sound, music, etc.

Exactly! It would be like the D23 Expo they do every couple of years but just for tech. Plus the developers and software engineers from other properties Disney does own(i.e. Star Wars, Marvel) could be represented.

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