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Discussion on: An article a day for November?

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Nick Karnik

I’m not sure if I should write for the sake of writing. For me, writing a well thought out article takes time. I still think I can improve the quality of my articles and I’m not sure if I can do that if I write daily. Maybe that’s what it might take. You should by all means do it and not wait for approval from anyone else. I’ll be rooting for you. ;)

Another goal you could explore is to contribute to the branch daily.

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Mark Nicol Author

Thanks Nick - That's a very valid point about the balance of quality and time - and a good suggestion about going for a contribution per day instead.

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Miguel Ben

Dude, i can write mathematical proofs and research papers but i dont have the confidence to start doing articles.

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Nick Karnik • Edited

Have you thought about teaching us how to derive a mathematical proof or summarize interesting research papers?

Just start somewhere. I still suck at this, but I try to do better every time I write.