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Discussion on: Old enough to code, too young for the next step?

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Shaquil Maria Author

Your connection to mental illness is WAY off base. There is nothing wrong or abnormal about this behavior.

Like I said that's what I am assuming, it might be way off base indeed. But social media is displaying this world of luxury and that everyone can get there easily, if you don't see that, then I think you don't really use the internet. Kids are easily influenced by their surroundings, if all they see is violence, the chance of them becoming violent is great. In the same way, if all they see is people evangelizing making money easy that is what they will pursue. And when they see that it is not that easy they might succumb to the pressure they set themselves and fall into depression for example.

Kids can and do earn money.

My issue is not kids earning money, it is kids focusing too much on earning money rather than enjoying life as kids without a lot of worries.

I would be worried about people taking advantage of that fact.

Totally agree with this part. This is one of my main concerns why kids and teens should not be dealing with that level of work. A simple side job like mowing lawns is less risky than signing a multi-thousand dollars project contract in my humble opinion.

So any minors should have a parent or guardian at least be aware of what they’re doing

I mean, if you are a parent that does not know what it takes to develop an app or website I don't think you are of very much help in signing contracts about that specifically, but indeed they can certainly help in some cases.