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Oh I love this question so much! I just started working from home part time and I love my setup!

I have an Autonomous standing desk, with a 32in Dell monitor. Along with some Behringer studio monitors. Still working on the chord mess but I love it!!!

desk with large monitor


Awesome!! We all have that chord mess at some point.


How much were those Behringers? Are you using a custom DAC?


They are 180 a piece if you get them brand new. I need to go smaller but they are good.

And I user a Focusrite Scarlet 2I2 interface for my audio interface. I run my mic through that as well as my Axe FX II for instruments.


How do you like the Autonomous Desk? I’ve been going back and forth about getting one.


Do it! I have one at work and at home. They are wonderful and quiet. I have the business class one at home and the consumer one at work. Backwards I know. If I were to buy new I would spend the extra and get the business one. There is nothing wrong with the consumer one but the business one has two motors and is a lot quieter, easier to set up, and can move a lot of weight. Plus if you are tall, unlike me, the business one goes insanely high.

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