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re: I will add a consideration that a noob programmer doesn't normally consider... How likely is it that this language I choose will become worthless...

That's the gist of my post. I was stuck in a "I don't really know what I am doing or much about the industry as I am an aircraft maintainer by trade so I will be skeptical of every language due to the trade is so fast pace and fluid. So when I see a YouTube video that says 'why this language is dying' I'm going to believe it and if I'm learning that I will be swayed by it and then be at square 1 again" stage.


You've got the right idea. If you pick one and stick with it while you learn how to program, you'll never be at square one again. A lot of what you learn will translate wonderfully to another syntax. What's important is making sure that you're learning to write software rather than just learning that specific language -- there are different types of courses out there. By contrast, I would want the latter at my stage. I don't need to be taught the fundamentals, data structures, or even a lot of more complex topics, just how to think and talk in the new syntax and a little about the memory model and other underpinnings.

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