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Discussion on: A simple explanation of functional pipe in JavaScript

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Thiago Romão Barcala • Edited

From one side it is sad to have to wait so long for this improvement, but from the other side it is better to wait than to have a modification in the language syntax that doesn’t work well in the future.

Your efforts to find the perfect syntax are definitely valuable, but I think it requires a lot of analysis of the consequences to avoid superficial argumentation. Removing the need to wrap arguments in an array doesn’t necessarily makes things easier, because it is more likely that the argument being piped will be already coming as a variable from somewhere else. So we would rarely construct arrays to pipe, but pipe some existing array. And in this case you would need to spread the array to be able to use it in the pipe. Besides that, the pipeline operator can be used with anything, not only arrays. It is just a different way of writing nested function calls.

Also, the amount of keys pressed to type the code is not that important, because we spend more time reading code than actually typing, so maybe less parentheses is preferable instead of one extra character.