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Conferences = Good vibes

After two days of conference I'm waiting for the flight to go home and I thought to share with you my vibes and thoughts.

They have been intense days and it was very nice to be able to share my experience with my talk.
The even more beautiful thing is that I met a lot of beautiful people and I take something home from each of them.


Sharing in general is at the basis of events like this, with talks in the first place, but not only, because it is thanks to the dialogue between participants that the best conversations can arise, the ones that remain in your mind for a long time.


The main topic of discussion is certainly the one that unites all of us, technology, but it can happen to talk about our life in general and it's precisely when certain topics are touched upon, that our human side comes out.
It's from these kind of discussions that emerges that in the end we are people even before developers, with our lives and with our problems.

In-person events

After years of pandemic, I'm happy that in-person conferences have resumed because I think that the emotional part is difficult to recreate in a online event.

Now it's time to get on the plane and I have to say you goodbye....

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I enjoyed organizing my ideas by writing this article and I hope you enjoyed it too.
Bye 👋

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