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Chandra • Edited on

Hallo community!

I found about this community through a blogger. I am as, most of us here a ✌️ developer ✌️ but, I am what some people can relate to -- a long time lurker, first time poster. I have been doing some cool stufflately and been planning to blog about this for a while now. Hopefully, I can start it here.

I mostly work on backend/server development and lately I found a new interest in operations. From time to time, I contribute to OSS projects. Since some days, I have been working on adding docker support to Plausible, some of you might be aware of the blog post Why you should remove Google Analytics.

Apart from this, I am in the process of writing these blog posts, would someone be interested in these? let me know!

  • How to host your own mail-server, dns-server, analytics platform, password manager.. and more at less 15 bucks a month.

  • Setup your own secure, privacy friendly dns-server

  • How to write e2e tests on your K8s native application

I will tweet about availability of them in my blog post when it is up.

Hope to read some interesting posts here ..


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Thomas Bnt

Hello ! Welcome to Community ! ✌️

Thread Thread
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πŸ˜€ thanks