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Discussion on: What are your programming goals for 2019?

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Thoby V ijishakin

I'm very greatful for 2018 because I learnt so much.

I care about not dumping my artistic dreams and yet can't seem to quench my respect for programming either. I've started shifting more towards creative coding and frontends.

In 2019 I look forward to:

• Beefing up my product design portfolio.

• Creating a real project every month.

• Design Every Week.

• Learning more about functional programming/Algorithms/DS.

• Becoming a hyperapp JS core dev. (Wheww!)

• Research psychology of human interaction with Design systems and Experiences.

• Start a YouTube Design-Development Channel.

• Become a Design Advocate of some sort.

• Make more games as a Hobby.

• Contribute to some FOSS projects.

• Codewars every possible Week day!