Who is your hosting provider?

Thomas Bnt on November 03, 2019

Hello everybody, I have my main host that will close. That's why on the one hand I would like to know your web hosts and VPS that you have chosen ... [Read Full]
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I use either Linode or DigitalOcean for things that require a backend (either one starts at $5/mo), and Netlify or Now.sh for statically generated sites, and for serverless functions (both are free until you hit a seriously huge number of visits)


I've used DO, is there any reason to check Linode? the distro-hoper in my is curious.


My hosting is with GoDaddy.

I know, I know... I'm about to get heavily criticized. From what I read in some posts online, I think just admitting I used (and use) GoDaddy means that I need to return my developer card as I don't qualify for development or IT work of any type :P

Now in all seriousness: I got the hosting ~13 years ago, with a 10-year contract that cost me peanuts after applying some coupons I found online. Then "renewed" it for another 10 years. And I would need to check for how much but it wasn't too much. I host custom websites that I build in PHP/HTML/JavaScript/CSS (for personal projects) and have never had any issue.

Some pros: it's cheap for new products (with coupons), the customer service has always been fast and useful (little to no wait when calling them), and they offer a variety of options (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc.)

Some cons: renewing is expensive (and in many cases, not worth it), the options on the hosting are not that many (outside of PHP/Perl, and "basic" web development), there's a limit on the number of databases which limits my testing sometimes.

Recommendation if you go with them: never renew. If you have an expiring product, get a new one and let the old one expire. It will take you a little bit to do so (exporting/importing data, or settings things up), but you'll save $$$.


Thanks for your feedback of GoDaddy !

Then I don't think I'm using something much too big. I will only need two databases normally and at least 10GB of data.

Indeed, if the price of renewal is expensive and we still have to do this process, it is very problematic...


You should check out O2Switch if you have PHP-based websites and databases.


I have a combination of Linode, DigitalOcean, and Scaleway. Scaleway is the only provider I know of that has ARM based VPSs at reasonable prices, but my preferred is DO. GitHub pages and tilde.club for my blog.


ohh okay! Nice blog ! Force the SSL for more security and more impressions with SEO ;)


My blog is actually at tilde.club/~ngp/blob/

Tilde is a public use Unix system with many members, not just me. I don't have control over the web hosting config.


I personally use DigitalOcean as well use it in professional aspects of my job. While there is a little more work to be had to get setup I like the control to tailor my infrastructure the way I want. This can also be said for other services like azure and AWS, however I find myself annoyed at the unneeded complexities of their systems.


Okay thank you, I've already checked out DigitalOcean and it looks pretty good to me!


I use digital ocean cloud hosting linux virtual machine aka droplet. Prices are per your requirements with as low as $5 per month. Though you'll need maintainer skills as there's no easy cpanels, but DO documentation is superb.


Thanks you for your feedback for DigitalOcean :)


I'll have to plug my host greenhost. Prices vary based on what you need, so it's hard to give pricing info (just go and check them out for a minute, it's fairly straightforward).
My main reason for going was that they strive towards sustainability, and I stayed for the way they handle privacy and for their excellent customer support.


Github pages along with Heroku.

Both can be used for free.

Feature? Free!!

There are a bit of hiccups while setting up things but once you get the idea, it's really fun and easy to use

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