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Discussion on: Which Linux should I install being a React developer

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

which linux is always a point for debate but if I were you (and I develop react on Linux so I am not sending you down any old rabbit hole) I would run Ubuntu or Debian on an old desktop or ancient server as a docker host and literally use docker environments or VMs that you can toss if it gets mucked up without reinstalling your workstation weekly.

Arch will just be more time tinkering and fixing than developing at first (and personally I don't like PacMan) Some people like Fedora for this sort of think but I've never been a huge fan despite the improved package managers. Mint is stable, it can be bloated but bloat is DE thing (KDE is bloated to death. I use PopOS (ubuntu based without Canonical involved thank God, they release buggy garbage sometimes for the community to essentially develop for free) with Budgie over the top cause its minimal at install and I fill it with my needs dropping my install scripts with a ton of piped Ys and go eat dinner, works GREAT and styles really well.

I ssh -X to a VM with Lubuntu preconfigured for my dev needs for React.IDE, dependencies, node, yarn all turnkey but not my daily driver. I use Debian for other languages like Python, Perl, etc. Plus I like it more than ubuntu and on containers lately alpine if its a throw away cause its package manager is FAST. but it doesn't age well if preserved

Either way, write out a shell script that installs everything your dev environment needs and save it elsewhere (external, flash, its only a few KB). Being able to drop a script and press y every few minutes beats trying to remember your whole dev env when infuriated after a crash (they happen on all OSes in the right contexts, some devs tend to participate in even)

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Divyesh Parmar Author

Wow you really gave me new thoughts on writing a new script which will always help me install my dev environment needs. So what choice I got from your experience is Debian with Budgie desktop environment.

May I know how do I write that kind of script which will help me install the basic requirements for every project or for the dev setup.

Also just yesterday night I booted with AntergOS it didn't let me dual boot saying it needs a GPT partition. Then I tried Solus OS and it didn't even recognize itself on the disk. so then I made Fedora bootable and installed it but just after that since I had to turn on the Legacy support on, my Windows 10 disappeared from the grub or boot options.

So then I again live boot with the pendrive to check whether my Windows drives are there on the disk or not. Then I used my Windows Recovery disk and it installed it in a span of 4 hours so now I'm typing to you this on my Microsft Edge Browser (while chrome downloads in background).

I think my dream of starting the development on Linux systems will be shattered so much.

I read articles/blog regarding solving this online but windows needs UEFI method to boot and nothing else.