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Discussion on: Why is the software industry so competitive?

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

From the dawn of humanity most human advancement came during, in preparation for, or as a result of war as your annoying history professor probably pointed out. Despite the rhetoric of the 19th and 20th centuries the basically uncivilized United States remains basically the only superpower (China will blow trying to overtake the US economy which merely one part of its several pronged superpower status) for the same reason the idiots and ass kissers on business side are constantly trying to find new backs to stab. This is the nature of effective human beings, lip service to our evolution or whatever, aside its frankly the only way to effectively drive progress.

Similar reasons exist for the Prussian education system we ALL hated but how many people can study without deadlines of a test above their heads (hint: if you are like me and can, its probably because you are super hard on yourself. Most people are not you). Sure it sucks sometimes, especially with the business side being essentially deficit in basic cognitive functioning and distracted making their teeth sparkle or can't think because eating carbs is bad this year and put butter in their coffee. The reason all human societies that coalesced at all at competition at the base level is why the unforced economic system that emerges everywhere is competition based, we are human its part of who we are.

Open source is awesome, but it is still based on some form of competition, either with for profit competitors or with other groups over who made the least broken OS (in one example at least). We need to feel our existence is part of some zero sum game and no level of whining about it will change it the same way that intoxicants can't be banned out of the human experience or guns will never be truly gone so long as humans remain bipedal clever chimps (being a bonobo sounds worse to me personally), the modern trappings around us just mask our instinctual nature they haven't changed a thing and probably never will.

My mantra for coping: It is what it is