Discussion on: Are you using WiFi or Ethernet right now?

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Like everything in life friend, it depends and is somewhat a mix of the two I think for almost anyone except the puritans choosing strange hills to die on. Sure I like my wireless network well enough, it is fast enough for all the peripherals that connect to it.

I also like running smaller wireless networks for... various reasons with Raspberry Pis and the Zotac mini-pc (that is also a docker host and despite having a celeron still has plenty of space to do more with it, especially running alpine) which is a hybrid since the input in each case is the ethernet and thus their clients can actually connect to the outside world.

But the hypervisor, server and desktop all run ethernet only. I moved the workstation to a different room not long ago, eliminating the need for the 50 cord I had taced to the floor board that made vacuuming up the dog hair that sticks to the corners a lot of fun.

Transferring between machines from wireless to lan (like laptop to server) is a little slower than I'd like but is it worth the 200-400 USD to speed it up? Not really. Nor is the 10G upgrade worth it to me either, while files transfer I can do other work or even walk the dog. Were my use case different maybe I'd see the value but as it stands its groovy with me and having fiber optic internet has really made life much better.

In your case, running the cable or not running the cable is dependent on limitations imposed by the present arrangement and if the cable would mitigate them. If you are hampered by the wifi or have spare 15 foot cables, yeah use the wired connection, otherwise don't fix what ain't broke cause then it really might break.