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Are there any good example applications on PyQt?

PyQt is a GUI module for Python and many examples can be found on many places on the web. For instance, you can find PyQt examples here, here and here

You can create the GUI design using QtDesigner and apply functions by coding it using python.

There are many PyQt examples included in this PyQt course, it includes web browser, text editor and many more.

What can you make with Qt (PyQt) ?

PyQt links the Qt framework, in which many apps are made. You can find a list of apps made with Qt here. Some of the more famous ones are the KDE desktop environment, FileZilla and VLC.


Several web browsers have been made with PyQt, like qutebrowser and Falkon. PyQt includes the blink browser engine.

falkon qt

PyQt has a designer, that lets you design your interface. This makes it very easy to design complex UIs.


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