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This is a bit of a side comment. I did a lot of Java and Python development in the past (I still do a lot of Python). With regards to FP, you see some developments in the JVM world (Clojure being my favorite), but hardly anything in Python.

I am amazed on how FP is gaining roots on the JavaScript world (this includes languages that compile to JavaScript, like Elm). I would say that it has gained enough critical mass that it will stay (as enough people can see the advantages).

I still follow lots of Python stuff and it is impressive how some high-profile members of the community there still think FP is just a academic thing.

My point is that some of the most interesting things in elegant and high-quality software development are happening around JavaScript (even if not in JavaScript). Especially FP, but not only: think for example all the stuff around transpiling.

This is one of the reasons that while I am a very seasoned Python programmer, I decided to self-train into JavaScript. That was a bit surprising: just a couple of years ago, I would think it would be ridiculous that anything interesting would happen around JavaScript.

I was wrong.

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