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This post made me think about accessibility and how much I don't know about it. Could you point me to some, in your opinion good resources on how to get started with accessibility, especially in web apps?


To add to the other comment:

Also, there are various extensions within all of these links that you can use to test accessibility. Lighthouse is a pretty cool one I learned about through the Gatsby tutorials.


I found the following resources to be useful for me:

I read through some articles / tutorials as I needed them and skimmed through others. The Inclusive Components articles are lengthy, but all good reads!

This is also a good reference:

And don't neglect the actual specs when you're stumped on something specific:

And last but not least, get familiar with HTML sectioning:


Thank you for sharing all of these links! I need to add them to Google Keep or bookmark them so I can come back later...

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