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Use of Github

Important Terms
1 Local repository- directory within ones machine.
2.Remote repository- directory on Github servers.
-they are two types of remotes :
a)Origin - Within ones personal github account.
b)Upstream- repository which someone forked from.
working on a Repository
step 1: On github navigate to repositories,then click the green button on the right "New"

step 2: Go to your terminal/gitbash/cmd change to the directory you would like to clone the repository to e,g cd Desktop/

step 3: type " git clone 'URL of cloned repository'
step 4:After cloning , cd 'directory created for the new repository'
step 5:After making changes,cloned repository,git add .
step 6: git commit -m "initial commit"
step 7: git push origin 'branch name'

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