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Joel Sunny Varghese for TinkerHub SBCE

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വിദ്യാരംഭം in Open Source

It's October and we all know what it's all about - Hacktoberfest. People are busy celebrating open-source and making contributions.

Contributions? 🤔 Wondering how to get started with your first open-source contribution? You're in the right place! Keep scrolling...

Let's get to it step by step

Step 1
Get an GitHub account click here

Step 2
Register for Hacktoberfest with Github

Step 3

വിദ്യാരംഭം in Open Source

Make your first contribution to Mashithandu Repository.

GitHub logo Tinkerhub-SBCE / mashithandu

A repo for beginners to do their first contribution in GitHub



Table of contents

About this repo

This is a repo for beginners to experience the path of open source contribution

Students Instructions

For this repo

Create a fork of this repo to your account.

💡 search StackOverflow on how to Fork a repo in GitHub


Add your contribution to the repo by editing the contents of the folder with your campus name.

💡 Contact your campus lead for exact instructions

Create a pull request

After committing and pushing your changes go to your fork and create…

Here is the demo video.

Congratulations you did it 🎉

Now it's time for your Next step! 🚀

To make more contributions ?

Don't know how to participate in Hacktoberfest?

Some of sorted GitHub repos participating hacktober 2021

Get here

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