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Discussion on: Sass: CSS With Superpowers

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Tirtha Guha

The issue with sass is for compiling scss to css weird non-javascript precompiled binaries are installed in your node_modules, from weird locations. What sass can do, less can do the same, but much safer as it's compiler is a js compiler.

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Idan Goldman

SASS used until recently JavaScript for it's compiling and now it uses Dart which they claim faster.

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Codica Author

Hi there!

Thank you for your comment. As you correctly observed, at first sight, Sass and Less have almost identical functionality. For example, they both can be used for compiling SCSS to CSS. However, the difference between them is bigger than you think. There are cases when Sass is a clear winner. For example, Sass has more robust libraries. Chris Coyer agrees with this point of view, saying in his article that “the language of LESS itself doesn't make it possible to build as robust of libraries on top of it”. Besides, in terms of language ability, Sass is definitely better than its counterpart. It has actual logical and looping operators in the language that is unavailable in Less.

I hope my comment answers your question.