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From what I see looking at your posts, it looks like you are currently undergoing a journey into the world of JavaScript, which does have a lot more to go with it. As this question is about when to put on the design hat, I highly recommend utilizing the research done by Google and Apple in order to get ideas of what they have found most useable.

I myself utilize material-ui library based upon the material design recommendations from Google.

You may also want to check out Apple's Design Page

Before getting too frustrated, I think it is good to listen to what your mentor has to say and keep learning and researching. Once you have started researching examples of - not necessarily what you like or what I like - what the metrics show work well for the most people, you can then start to figure out why that is.

Once you feel you have a good grasp on the reason why something is generally recommended, it becomes easier to debate well the ways to potentially improve it.

I also see you have been learning bootstrap - there are a lot of themes available that you could also start with to modify. I just looked up material design bootstrap and found a site with boilerplates.

Building a theme (or style) from scratch can be difficult, which is why a lot of people will use bootstrap or a library specific to the framework or javascript library they are using to create their app.


Wow, so many great tips, thank you! Thank you for all of the links too!

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