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Discussion on: 🤫 The secret to my writing process

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Liu YongLiang

Thanks Chris! Will be checking out Notion to organize my content ideas.

I like that you mentioned about having fun. Writing blog posts may not provide any monetary rewards, but I do feel a sense of pride and happiness in creating something that I am proud of, sometimes after 3-5 hours of writing, polishing and finally publishing them to the web.

Definitely it's not just blogging, we can also spend our time on many other creative processes that make us feel fulfilled. For one, I used to learn pencil drawing for pure interest and a simple drawing can take up days on end (1-2hrs per day). It always started with a little excitement, then came the dreadful process of enduring the thoughts of "this looks ugly" "This is not the way I want it to look" "That's far from completion", after which a little delight in seeing something coming together and finally the enormous WOW moment of "Did I really draw this? That looks unbelievably me! "

Today, I received the 16 week streak badge on DEV. 16 weeks of consistent writing, that's definitely a small win for me! Writing articles was my new year resolution for 2020 and for over half a year, I hesitated to begin. Now, I am proud to say that this is probably one of the best decisions I ever made this year and will always look back to this moment for inspiration and motivation.


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Chris Bongers Author

That's amazing!

I resonate with your comment, I have this in writing but also drawing or working out.
It's all things you have to have fun in, else it's not worth doing them.

People ask me how can I become a blogger and earn money, and I have no idea
I don't even make money with it, and it's not my intention.

I just love to do it, and it's my way of learning

as for drawing goes, I'm converting to iPad drawing but it's such a difference, so keep thinking, damn why doesn't it just look good haha.