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Awesome work for deno πŸ‘

Would you be so kind to have a look at github.com/gcanti/fp-ts/issues/113...? Pika CDN seems to patch import statements for deno correctly. But it seems declare module '...' statements are not patched. This might be the reason some modules won't load for deno. fp-ts for example. Thank you :)


Hey Thomas, thanks for the ping! That feature has been added, and the package now loads successfully! I left a follow up comment in the issue.

Hope that helps!


Not sure where to raise this as it's not an fp-ts issue but I've been trying to work with this module via pika in deno again since the v1 release but having some issues.

I think the issue lies in the way that the fp-ts library wants you to import things versus Pika which doesn't like you importing things from subfolders in the module.

I've posted a discussion on Pika with some more details about this - would love to hear your thoughts on it if you can spare a moment pika.dev/npm/fp-ts/discuss/1

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