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Discussion on: Facebook Lied : A Facebook Feature Which Kills Another Feature

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Tobias SN

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just playing stupid to avoid paying a bounty.

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Palash Bauri 👻 Author • Edited on

Their Arrogance will drown them!😑

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Brian Brewder

It is highly likely that everybody on the team that built this feature knew full well that there was no way to truly protect the photo before even a single line of code was written for it. The fact the photo was downloaded to the browser means it could be retrieved by a determined user.

I'm curious to know why this feature was even created. Is profile photo stealing a thing? What would somebody do with it? I've got to believe anybody that is stealing photos for nefarious reasons (whatever that might be) would figure out how to get around whatever limitations FB implemented.

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Palash Bauri 👻 Author

That's my point, when they know profile pictures can't be protected, then why fool people with a fancy blue border?😡

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Guney Ozsan • Edited on

They could serve low-res and protect hi-res version.

There should be some local problem. Different strange things happen around the globe.