Whats a subreddit/slack/substack that you rely on?

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Twitter communities can be amorphous and the community at an office can be great until you switch jobs, what's a community that you rely on to give you answers, support or encouragement?

subreddits (I really love the community on r/unity3d)

substacks (I spent a while replying to tons of stuff on Stack Overflow but I know some people are in to particular substacks


Let me know in the comments

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and /r/programming (along with their Discord groups).

IRC groups at Freenode is great as well. :D


I haven't found any Slack things (places, communities, rooms? I don't know the term) that are worth hanging around. They're harder to find and proprietary and generally harder to work with than plain old IRC anyway.

As far as reddit goes, well, r/badcode is worth a laugh. r/programming is good, r/programmerhumor isn't.

At work, I rely, if anything, on r/listentothis (via Music Player For Reddit while working and on r/nosleep between tickets.


threejs.slack.com/ Three.js slack group.
It is reasonably busy and the people there are really helpful.


Don't really rely on it, but vue.js has a pretty nice discord server for discussions.

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