Organizing the mess in your head

Tomas Mūžas on August 02, 2018

This is an honest story of a junior programmer, who dreamed a lot, was hit hard by reality, and found a peace of mind afterwards. By sharing this... [Read Full]
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Experienced same thing as you. I applied intern in a company which building online casino. The department assigned to me called 'backoffice' what control and handle all data. All senior had pulled out from the team to a new project and left only 2 juniors, 1 intern and me. Everyday we worked till mid night, struggle in a 10 year old code base and unknown business logic. 4 juniors discuss about work everywhere, everytime. After 6 months internship, and go back to uni.

After 1 year, I get back into the company. This time all seniors returned into the team and work becomes easier, juniors last time also promoted to seniors. But I actually still miss the internship time even it is tough, the time is actually the time I learned a lot and confirm to go through this career path.


With the support from positive colleagues and I actually enjoy this kind of challenges.


Very real story and actually not only when you start your first job - for me partially I get this mess in my head every time I change project.

Currently very often you get a mentor (someone from your team) who is supposed to help you at the beginning. I think instead of showing you project documentation and some good tech tutorial someone should give you this kind of speech or story to read just to make you realize that this is normal to feel like this at the beginning - but it gets better :)


Yep, actual programming is just the tip of the iceberg :)


Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for the article.


Thank you! I'm glad you've liked it!:)


Instead of just taking notes you should try to blog about those things! :)


I'm actually thinking about a couple of posts:)


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