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Social Networks - Developers

In the XXI century, if you are not "online", you are a dinosaur. You must do something exceptional - to be good for the world, to be able to "extend" "yourself", your ideas, your legacy. Planting your essence in the form that the current top platforms accept - video, text, audio, etc, could give your gran-children and more the possibility get to know you even after your gone physically. And more importantly they - allow to reach people even while you are alive.

One of the platforms that has (theoretically) reached a lot of people is Facebook. But lately Facebook has become expensive and in the same time poor in several other aspects.

It has become expensive because - organic reach (without paying to Zucks for ads) is getting smaller and smaller. And even when paying, the reach is not as good as before. Probably that's why many marketers moved to a niche - about teaching people about social media. In the end the core principles about it are and will be the same no matter the medium. If you've ever listened Gary Vaynerchuk, you'll know what is the cause - the price of attention is going up when a lot of people are trying to reach the same audience. So a new platform/better targeting/ or some other strategy need to be applied so the ROI of money or effort to be more effective.

In the same time I am seeing more and more disuse of social networks. Being there for the vanity - for the, "being cool", for the likes, for the theatricality, for the mere presence, or surfing on temporary tendencies, click-baiting titles, taking advantage of the peoples ignorance or unawareness - in general and specific - about some particular topic, playing with emotions with [not so pleasant] content, or with angering political content, that is not always true, and even if it is in some portion - no amount of emotions will bring any result - outside of freezing the public, filling the minds with meaningless content.

I have used some of the tactics before, I am no saint either, but I am increasingly seeing less dignity and coolness in this, especially coming from philosophical and from purely technical point of view.
It may be that my principals are what are stopping me from succeed in social media, but that is who I am.
The thing about programming and software is that it is Boolean - true or false, 1 or 0. For example, you cannot say that software 'X' launches and lands rockets when it just transfers files over a network or turns on or off a lamp. There is no faith, no believe, no subjectivity of point of view. It does what it is programmed to without taking account third party opinion, it either works or not.

As a result of all above, my focus about my content as a blogger and developer is moving to other places. Like I've written in a post some time ago - it is not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. So, I've collected a list of sites and platforms that I've moved to and others I plan to research, investigate and move to:



Purely technical places

For Interacting

Selling software products, modules, derivatives marketplace

Images :


Social Media for Developers

I have not dived in - in all of them with high quality. No software or practice is ever perfect without the actual practice. And the list will continue to grow probably as the Internet itself evolves. I am open for additions into this list from comments.

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