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Discussion on: DevOps Engineer isn't a job title, except it is

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Tom Davidson

Ya, it's kinda funny and I agree (even though I have benefited from the funny). We don't have agile engineers or an agile team that does all the company's agile for the other engineering teams, yet we do for DevOps. I think it's because management looks at DevOps as a bolt-on rather that than the application of lean manufacturing to the software delivery context ie org change... but is it a problem unique to DevOps? We often have all these other engineer titles that put us in a box, data engineer, frontend engineer, ML engineer, integration engineer, cloud engineer, etc.

When building an engineering team at the last startup I worked for the titles were Software Engineer with pay grades 1-7. What might set one engineer apart from another is working on a different context of business that may or may not use different tools & tech but everyone was a software engineer first (or at least aspiring to be an engineer).