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Tomic Riedel 💙
Tomic Riedel 💙

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Flutter Roadmap - Learn. Flutter. Free.

After more than 1 month of work and almost 100h I finally published the biggest project I ever created: Flutter Roadmap.

You will learn Flutter in this repository with 100% free resources and become a real Flutter Pro. But how did it all come about and what can you learn there? You will find out in this blogpost:

Problem & my solution

One day, when I was looking for how to learn Flutter for fun, I noticed something shocking: Flutter courses are clearly too expensive. $100+ to learn Flutter even though everything is available for free on the internet? No thanks. As a result, I decided something had to change and created Flutter Roadmap. At the beginning I gathered a team of professional flutter developers who can give me the best possible content. I made a list of all the topics that need to go into this repository and then I started. Flutter Roadmap was created. A huge thanks goes to Alejandro Ramos, Ismail Alam Khan and Chirag Bargoojar who helped me with this project. But enough talking, now what all can you really learn in Flutter Roadmap?

What you will learn in Flutter Roadmap

You will start with the basics and work your way up step by step. Since there are so many topics, here is a complete list:

  • What is Flutter?
  • What is Dart?
  • Installing Flutter & Dart
  • The Ultimate Flutter Setup
  • Dart Syntax and Basics
  • Effective Dart
  • Flutter Widgets
  • Create your first Flutter app
  • Improve your UI skills in Flutter
  • Packages and Plugins
  • Theming
  • Working with user inputs and forms
  • Routing and Navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • App Architecture
  • Flutter & Firebase
  • Flutter & Supabase
  • Flutter & Amplify
  • Which BaaS should I use?
  • StateManagement
  • Using local databases
  • Error Handling
  • Flutter Animations
  • Sending HTTP Requests
  • Multi Language Support
  • Flutter Slivers
  • Using native device functionalities
  • Running Native Swift, ObjectiveC, Java, or Kotlin Code
  • Testing
  • Deploying your app to the App Store & Google Play Store
  • Debugging, Building and Deployment for a Flutter Web App

- Important links for further learning

  • Okay, as you have surely noticed you learn a lot here and you will probably agree with me that after that you are very good in Flutter.

We know that this is not all you can learn in Flutter and that's why we are working every day to improve this repository. For example, today (03/11/2021) 3 new topics were added. And there will be more and more to come.

But, is what the team wrote there really correct? Yes, because Google Developer Expert Tadas Petra completely checked the first version of the repository for content errors just before release.


I hope you are as hyped as I am about the future of Flutter Roadmap. It would support me and the team tremendously if you could give Flutter Roadmap a star on Github. If you want to know when a new topic has been added to Flutter Roadmap, be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date.

Thanks for reading, have fun learning!

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