Discussion on: Simple MEAN-Stack deployment by AWS CloudFormation & Docker 🐳

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Tom Watt

Ah okay, that explains - there are too many services on AWS to be honest!
Main advantages of ECS would be the deployment, management and monitoring of Containers, even if they are deployed on EC2 instances.
Though setting up ECS Tasks with CloudFormation is a bit long winded - looking into doing this for a new work project.
With that, using the ECS Optimised AMIs means you don't have to install Docker as it's preinstalled.
Would recommend checking out ecs-cli compose as you can deploy straight from the Compose File to AWS - which is pretty awesome!

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Thomas Gotwig Author

Yeahh~ way too many 🙈
Oh cool thank you! 🤩 I think I will take a closer look 🕵️‍♂️