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Thomas Cosialls
Thomas Cosialls

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Image as a Link with Contentful and Gatsby JS

As rich as the Rich Text functionality of Contentful might be, it doesn't include a simple way to create clickable images, i.e images embedded in a HTML link element. Here is a quick workaround with a Gatsby JS frontent.

Create a custom model in Contentful

We are creating a new custom model called ImageWithLink that contains 3 simple fields:

  • title
  • image (type Media)
  • url (type Short text)


You can then use your ImageWithLink model in any Rich Text contents or as part of another model definition.

Integrate with GatsbyJS

I will only emphasize how to generate the custom image with link element when the ImageWithLink model is provided inside a Rich Text field. You need to make sure your GraphQL requests are working correctly and that you imported all packages/functions needed to process Rich Text elements in Gatsby ;) I chose to use a fluid image in my example.

    const {__typename} =
    const target =

    return <a href={target.url}><img src={target.image.fluid.src} /></a>
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I hope this will help some of you !
Best ❤️

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