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starting to play around with microk8s and Virtualbox

Tony Colston
wanna be gamedev ... all around nerd and dev
・1 min read

I have some time off so I started setting up a cluster of VMs with VirtualBox and microk8s.

I ended up using Ubuntu Server 18.04. Crazy how much has changed as time has gone on.

I did not get it working yet (not surprising).

I was still at the basic level of setting up my servers really. I needed to change to a static IP address and of course Ubuntu 18.04 has its own special way of doing that with netplan.

Netplan uses YAML as a configuration file format. I cannot help but think it was written by monkeys-without-brains. It is a known fact that only monkeys-without-brains like YAML. Sigh.

I am not a fan of YAML.

One other thing I had to look up syntax for was bringing interfaces up and down with the IP command.

The syntax is blatantly bad. The ip command has been around a while but man ... what happened to ifup and ifdown ... do one thing linux. Sigh.

I then tried to get my servers to join each other and they refused. I checked that they could ping and ssh (which they could).

Getting it all running will happen another day!

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