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the inevitable loss of system level knowledge

I was scanning for interesting stories today and saw one on Apache Guacamole. The story is about the release of a new version of the software.

But two of the HN comments caught my eye.

Agreed, the configuration is not pleasant. I also tried ....

Followed by this advice

My recommendation: Use Docker. No need to deal with all the gritty details. If needed, reverse-proxy it.

And there it is. As Docker becomes used more and more will this lead to knowledge loss on how things are setup and work? I think it will.

I have downloaded/built/setup many packages and programs. And with all those hours and experience it made me a better programmer/technologist/nerd.

The gritty details matter. A lot.

I have worked with JavaScript programmers who barely understood their code runs on computers. It will be sad when this same transition happens to back end developers.

Go check the configuration on the Apache box will be a foreign concept with enough time. It will become, this is not working go fill out a PR and see if the developers can make a new docker file.

In some ways this is not bad. You end up with configuration being locked down in text files. Infrastructure as code.

Maybe back end developers will end up specializing into groups who can work at a system level vs those who only work with docker containers.

I am a back end developer... no wait I am system level back end developer.


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