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things you should do before a dev interview (2 of n)

Tip 1.

Check your resume before you go to your interview.

Know what is on your resume and be able to speak about it intelligently. Your resume is the only thing you have given your possible new employer. You must be able to talk about those things.

Even if the items on your resume are school projects. What part did you do in the project? What language did you use for the project? What did you learn for the project.

I have interviewed a lot of candidates and it is often hard to get them to explain what I see on the resume. Which makes for a super frustrating interview.

The related tip here is do not lie on your resume.

Tip 2.

Make sure you have everything on your resume and put it in order of most recent first.

A common mistake is for a candidate to come in saying I forgot to put X on my resume. Sigh.

Order the experience section so that more recent is first. Assume the person you are interviewing with has only 5 seconds to look at your resume. Put the most recent stuff first.

Tip 3.

Tune your resume to the job you want.

If you are applying for a gaming job, move the experience that makes the most sense to the gaming industry up. If you are applying for a job that uses C++ make sure to have it on your resume.

Again do not lie about anything but moving the related experience up can help.

This can also help the person interviewing. If you are applying for job that requires C++ the interviewer is going to ask about that skill so move it up.

Tip 4.

Put your github on your resume.

This is especially important if you do not have formal or traditional training in CS. You need to prove you can code and a repo of code/projects goes a long way towards that goal.

If you are a student or bootcamp person and you have only done projects then make sure those projects are in github. You trying to get a job in CS so the interviewer needs to see what you have done.

Do not worry if your github is barren or mostly empty show what you have done!!!

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