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Going out on a limb here, my first comment on dev.to...

I agree with everything except that all companies should hire junior developers (not stated directly but implied).

Some companies and teams cannot realistically coach a junior developer if they are dealing with live site issues just about daily and have no or follow very little good software practices.

This environment will sink most junior devs and slow down the team (i.e. may go out of business, yep this is real).

This type of team or company running in emergency mode unfortunately is most likely to under pay, over work, and not treat junior devs fairly. My two cents: Take any job to get experience, but keep searching until you find a 'real' software company. Your career will see a turbo boost and you will be happier.


I said "organization-of-size" to cover this nuance in passing. The article I linked out to has a good rejoinder to this comment.


I would argue that if you have a team experiencing this issue, that you already have a team of junior engineers, one more wouldn't hurt. A real senior dev though might help get the team into a good place and put and end to constant chaos by developing the existing juniors that created this sort of mess.

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