Build 100kB Docker Images from Scratch

Tony Metzidis on May 06, 2019

📓 The Gist You may think your 100mB Alpine images are small--but how about 100kB? Smaller images ship more quickly, and contain fewer attack vecto... [Read Full]
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Not trying to be discouraging, but I've gone along that path before, and found the solution only good enough for hello-world toy programs. Real programs interact with OS in all kinds of ways. I.e., I'd like to see how a real-world program that interacts with OS in all kinds of ways can benefit from such 100kB Smaller images. That'll be really interesting. Thanks.


Good point. With a little diligence it can be done.

Here's a broader example building a rest api into a tiny container dev.to/tonymet/build-a-2mb-rest-ap...

Later on I'll show tooling you can use to help identify dependencies methodically so it seems less like voodoo


Loving it -- looking forward to your updates.


Nicely done Tony. I look forward to the next article in the series.


This is top notch! Eagerly awaiting the next one! ;)


did a fast-follow on this, more to come in the coming posts



Why you use Docker? If you use only tar it is much faster.


agreed about tar. Using docker here as an illustration on how to build optimized Docker images.

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