re: I just got a full-time position as a front-end webdev at the age of 35 in a broken corrupted banana country. Ask Me Anything :) VIEW POST


You make me feel better, as I'm now 37 and trying to switch from my old boring work to a new one where i could make mo web stuff. So, where to go to start learning about new stuff? what did you did before? how much did it took you to get required knowledge?


There's so many resources for learning webdev. You can go with books, online courses, video tutorials, whatever works for you.
For example I recommend checking out this blog post: , lots of useful advice and some good resources for learning in the epilogue.

As for what I did before, I was kinda a musician for most of the time... I wrote more about that kind of stuff in my first (introductory) post.

As for how much time it takes, it's hard to say... It's individual, everyone learns at a different pace, different companies have different requirements for hiring...
Webdev was not the only thing I was learning, but if I was to condense it, I think I could've learned what I know in about 6 months - 1 year... For some people probably less...

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