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What we've learned while doing interviews for developer conferences

TL;DR: we took a super-casual approach to speaker interviews - kids, dogs, family - and it worked.

We help businesses talk to game developers to be more visible, so we feel and understand the industry.

Instead of persuading speakers to film a 15 sec "please come to my talk" blurb, conferences connected us to their flagship speakers and we did a set of super-casual livestreams on twitch, then cut them into 20 minute videos for YouTube and several 2-3 minute videos for Instagram.

I can explain our #livestreaming tech, formats, what works and what doesn't ☕ If there's interest, but now I'd like to focus on casual interviews as a developer conference marketing asset.

The more casual format with a human touch and focus on speaker's life, kids, hobbies and less focus on their work got the best response.

I think people are tired of endless webinars, and such light and funny interviews are the next best thing to networking. And many people miss networking.

Here's the YouTube playlist with clean copies (no conference overlays, extra logos, intros, etc) of our hangouts as a reference.

Gamedev Stories is what I am referring to as casual interviews.

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