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Discussion on: I'm Celebrating 10k Followers Here on DEV! AMA!

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Victoria Crawford Ask Me Anything

The biggest benefit that I've discovered through having so many followers is that I've had quite a few people reach out to me asking me to apply for jobs at their companies. Some have even referred me. None have panned out yet, but it's helpful to know, as a junior DEV, that at least some people have faith in me and my ability.

Another thing is people who reach out asking for advice about learning to code or transitioning careers. I love helping others, so this is one aspect I really enjoy and am thankful for.

Overall, it just helps me feel like I'm doing something right. Looking for a job is rough and has had me feeling really low at times. Blogging has been my escape from those feelings and to know that I can help people through writing helps lift me up mentally.