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Discussion on: What Are You Asking For?

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Faith Odonghanro

They did come through. I've been reluctant to share my testimony, but it's been really amazing. Been with them for a year and the 3rd month running now. Gained massive experience, the people, the work, the system, all awesome.

Two (2) months after getting in, some staffs were laid off due to covid (in all depts), thought I would go too (being someone that newly joined), but someone (my then team lead) spoke on my behalf and that I was doing a great job so far, that's how I wasn't let go. So when I saw your post early this year "Who is Speaking on Your Behalf", I was wowed.

God has really come through for me. I want to say thank you Prosper for posts, they've been really inspiring, and I've seen them WORK in my life, firsthand experience, no be say dem tell me.