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Discussion on: How I lost 40lb, got a developer job, and how I plan on changing the unhealthy stereotype in tech!

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Kevin McKenna

Congrats on both parts of the story you shared.

I noticed the same kind of unhealthy workplace habit years back when the place I worked at had a free soda fountain, making it super easy for people to drink a ton of sugary drinks all day while barely noticing it.

I actually work from home now which has its own challenges.. it is far too easy to wander off and grab a snack, or sitting watch and easy (junk) for lunch so I can get back to work.

Looking forward to seeing some more posts from you about it.

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Trevor Montgomery Author

Thanks for taking the time to read! There is so much misinformation out there in regards to dieting and fitness in general. I hope to shatter some of the believes people may currently have.