Moving to new reporting tool

torpne profile image Kevin McKenna ・1 min read

Hi all,

I work as part of the IT team for a number of research studies. My main study right now runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and .NET web applications.

The reporting tool put in place forever ago was SQL Server 2008 SSRS - which unfortunately is rapidly approaching end of life.

I've spent a bit of time putting new reports directly into the web application and bypassing SSRS as much as possible, but the more requests that are coming in, the less workable that solution is.

What I'd like to do is move to some new reporting tool (basic grids of data with some light formatting [back color, text color etc.]). All the table joins etc. are handled in the stored procedures in the database, so the reporting tool only needs to take the input and display it.

Must haves:

  • Free (it is a non-big-pharma research study and the budget just isn't there)
  • Can be embedded into another web-app (security not required)
  • Can handle basic formatting of cells
  • Can export to Excel (with formatting in place)
  • Simple to use

Nice to haves [but not necessary]:

  • A report designer would be helpful, but not a show-stopper so long as report definitions can be hand coded with relative ease
  • Chart functions
  • Open Source

Can anyone recommend anything, or am I asking a stretch too far considering my budget of.. well.. zero.



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