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Discussion on: What does it mean to be a Software Engineer?

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Tariq Ali

Any discussion on Software Engineering should start with the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference in Garmisch, Germany and the 1969 follow-up conference in Rome, Italy. The reports on these two conferences are available online.

I think it is essential to read these reports for two reasons. First, these two conferences actually invented and popularized the term "software engineering". Second, the reports from these two conferences indicate major issues with software development as identified in the 1960s. We can use the benefit of hindsight to determine whether current software practices were effective in addressing those issues or if we still have work to do.

If I ever get time, I'll find some way to summarize the insights of these reports and provide my own commentary on them.

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Erika Wiedemann Author

Great resource, thank you! I will look into these and give them a read. I'll keep an eye out for your commentary as well.